Speaking out

“Not everyone thinks the way you think, knows the things you know, believes the things you believe, nor acts the way you would act. Remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people.” 

The way I look at it, and especially if you’ve read my last blog on communication. It is NOT hard to speak to people. To relate to people. Some people listen but they don’t hear. Try and HEAR the other person.

I got to speak to a few new faces at the open house event on Sunday November 10th. I saw some excitement on peoples faces and a few nervous faces. It was important to answer their questions that were making them nervous or unsure about the experience they would be involving themselves in. I think our team overall has a very welcoming personality and was friendly with everyone new that came in through the door.

But as for talking to people, I think its important to communicate with someone on an equal level. As soon as you put someone beneath you or above you, you are creating more boundaries between you and the other person. I have recently experience this while being a part of the Best Buddies program. It is my first year and relating to my best buddy has been an interesting experience.

I learn so much from her, She tells me so many stories. I listen to her, but I also hear her messages behind the words. Her worries in the world are much different from mine. Things that make her happy are different from things that make me happy. She lives a different life than I do. Different things go on in her head. But you know what… we come together as a set of eyes and ears. And we connect because we know we’re different. She doesn’t judge me, I don’t judge her. The less we judge people, the more room we have to..Love.

Next time you have a conversation. Think about our cookie cutter society, why do we always say the same things to people? Why do we ask the same kind of questions? Let loose, be free, don’t be afraid of challenging questions….wander greater thoughts.

Let that inner voice be heard.

Gracias, for being you 🙂

-Mansi Parasher