Progress in action

Everything happened so fast. The progress that I, alone, was able to see in Pacifico since July has been miraculous. I remember coming home on Aug 31st and wondering where the summer went. We did so much but it felt like such a little amount of time.

Starting the month of September has been a breath of fresh air, its like stepping out on a spring day and just knowing, good things are ahead. This also means, work work work! SIA and its devoted members have been working non stop to develop projects for the next year! The month of September is all about promotions.

In order to achieve the goals that SIA has, we need people to KNOW about SIA first. Makes sense right? This is one of our biggest challenges…sharing our passion and introducing it to a stranger. Back in the summer, I remember telling someone that SIA is like our baby…haha.. We put our time and care into SIA, and all we want is someone else to treat it the same way we do.

Just last night as I sat at Breanne’s house (Who is now SIA’s new marketing coordinator CONGRATS), I was getting excited about getting out there and telling people about SIA and the opportunity it can give to other people. We have a few solid plans that will help portray a gist of our passion, but the response from others is what will really test our knowledge. Knowledge of SIA, knowledge of our goals, knowledge of… ourselves.

“If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

All the lovely people helping with promotions should not have a hard time putting their heart into presenting the vision of SIA because well….we’ve lived it. And I am excited for other people to live this with us!

My last day in the community
My last day in the community

-Mansi Parasher