New experiences!

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Today was full of excitement and new experiences! Who doesn’t love that…

Retreat house

The day started with an orientation to introduce our new participants to the program and the values of SIA. During this orientation, we familiarized each other with some activities that activated our brain and got us talking about topics we don’t necessarily think about on a daily basis. We spoke about our skills, our favourite people, new experiences, and shared our stories.IMG_1609

A view of the community

It was a positive start to a very positive day and it was all possible to the Peru D group. They got to sit down with the community members in the local community centre and just “chat” about their lives. A community leader went through and asked each participant (in spanish) their names and a question about themselves. It was really nice to see the participants retain the spanish and try to respond in spanish. The translator stepped in to make the communication crisp but there were many laughs and stories shared.

Today was all about contentment. We spoke about contentment at the end of the day by completing these two sentences: “I noticed that…” Some of the answers shared were about happiness and how they felt a connection with the people they met today because everything had a warm feeling to it. “I noticed that they took pride in every little thing.” It is very true that their hard work through out their community is very visible! You can see it in the way they interact with us, with each other,  and their attitude towards meeting new volunteers.

The following week we will be experiencing a LOT of the culture with the Peru’s Independence day right around the corner on, July 28th! The volunteers are excited to have the opportunity to be here on such a day.

Well tomorrow is a new day full of other new experiences!

Hasta Luego!

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-Mansi Parasher



Today the group got to meet some very important partners of SIA and the people SOME of our volunteers have been working with all week. The leaders of Solidaritas joined here (a local NGO that the Western group has been working alongside with ESL and active learning programs). Also, the two wonderful ladies who run the day care came over for dinner and after dinner we spent talking and sharing stories with each other.

It was a real pleasure to have them tell us about their lives and how they came to be where they are. Lilliana shared her story about the day care and how she simply just has a passion for children. Miguelle shared his experience being a teacher and that he chose to be a teacher because its rewarding and the best feeling to have. We have a lot of teachers in the group who listened attentively and could relate to these feelings.

Overall the last day was spent saying Hasta luego at the school placements, children giving their teachers gifts, cards and amazing memories. Whereas the farewell for the health group and Youth in Action group will be tomorrow during the event. We spent all day preparing for the event tomorrow.

Hope all goes well!!


-Mansi Parasher

Leaving a mark

The group went out to dinner in Barranco last night, only the most beautiful place around. We had a view of the ocean from where we were sitting. Everyone was on such a “high” as we had amazing placements like usual. Youth in Action crew and Health group joined forces to implement a healthy class, we talked about the importance of washing your hands, sang songs and did activities. Everyone looks like they already belong here, the way they interact with the children and the locals is so “natural”.

Shavonne, Sydney, Nicole and Jasmine got to see some of the peruvian culture by exploring the market today while they looked for items to implement a hand washing station in Youth in Action community centre. This way Children can see the importance of cleanliness while they enjoy their time in a fun environment.

I believe it is important to execute things with as much passion, commitment, and love. I see this in all the volunteers I have interacted with thus far!! Today is Friday and also their last day of placements. Tomorrow is a big event the health program is running, alongside Youth in Action to invite ALL the parents of the community with their children to come learn about the hand washing station, and for the children to present their mothers day crafts. We will have raffles, prizes and lots of bonding going on. It will be a nice farewell from this lovely place and the group will then prepare for their trip to Cusco after leaving their mark in the community, the public/private schools, the special needs kids school, the day care and  this retreat house.

Hasta luego

 – Mansi Parasher


New experiences!

“Today we had the opportunity to continue the pilot project development with Solidaritas. Together, at a local park, we exchanged ideas to finalize a set of activities that we will implement over the next three days, for the program.

It was a pleasure working alongside Solidaritas. The day was full of smiles, laughs and hard work.  The highlight of the day was when the kindergarten and primary classes from Solidaritas and primary classes from Solidaritas joined us at the park to show us some songs and dances. The kids were adorable and enjoyed engaging with the parachute we brought.

Our afternoon was spent at Tupac Amaru highschool. We began our after-school ESL program and had a great time teaching students conversational English. The day was filled with fun activities that focused on simple introductions with one another.” – Ryan HughesIMG_2222


“Seeing the children in the morning sing their anthem and walking in a line was so cute because we never see that at home”- Lauren O. Volunteers Lauren, Sydney, Alyssa and Morgan shared their experience at Inmaculado private school.

Laura Alva school for children with exceptionalities was another placement that the volunteers reflected on tonight during our evening discussion. Michaela mentioned that she had a conversation with the mother of a child she interacted with and was able to communicate with her through just body language and she felt the love without any words.

Youth In Action and Cristo Rey were two after school programs that take place where volunteers can explore a bit more adventurous teaching and learning. Jenni, a volunteer was impressed by the english that the Cristo Rey students had to offer, they made new friends today.  Lauren O mentioned while leaving youth in action, the children wanted to bond even more because they wanted to take pictures and she felt like she connected with them even more.

A long day of all kinds of different experiences !!

My self, Nicole and Jasmine were able to work on our health project and identify things that need to be done for the end of the week. We were able to spend some time at the day care today to see how many healthy practices they have implemented already and Nicole mentioned that she was impressed by the hand washing routines with the toddlers. Speaking of day care, Sara had a great time with the children today bonding with the lovely Lilliana who runs the day care by herself and bonded with her.


After a hard working day, we are all enjoying a discussion sitting here at 9:15 pm, about to plan the big day tomorrow full of exciting placements ! and be ready to go at 7 am!

Everyone is very enthusiastic.

-Mansi Parasher

Stay Calm!

It is true that when we get overwhelmed with things in our lives, we tend to react in a way that doesn’t help those situations at all. Why do we do that? Why is it that we freak out knowing that it is in no way going to better our situation? Do we like to make a situation worse? Are humans really psychotic like that?

Staying calm means that you are giving your brain, your body that respect that it deserves. You are giving yourself time to be productive and get yourself out of that situation. You are giving your head some meditation, and reflecting time.

It is so important to practice being calm, because if it isn’t YOU who’s going to start doing it then who will? You have to become an example for the world. If something goes “not as planned” stay calm, think. There are two kinds of people, those who sit there and say “ohhhhhhhhhhh why me?”. And those who accept that its happening and ask “ok what should I do next?” Understand?

Life carries on, with or without you. Things get done or don’t get done. It will either affect you or not affect you. The point is…. ITS YOUR CHOICE how you want to feel.

Hashtag time !


-Mansi Parasher