Celebrating end of MAY!

This month was extremely remarkable! To recap everything in its truest essence would be a difficult task but I can try my best to express my feelings towards this past month.

The adventure started with Peru A and Western group coming in at the beginning of the month. They started the projects that the rest of the groups will be fulfilling, perfecting, tweaking, Ā for the rest of the summer. The SIA staff members, and volunteers have worked day and night to make sure everything is happening with love, care and compassion.

We’ve seen three groups of volunteers come and go now. But to say they “came and went” is such an understatement of their experience. Each and every one of them put in their 100% efforts to the projects, to the planning, and to the relationships they built with the children here. The Youth in Action programs were successful due to the love and care each volunteer put into doing activities with them. The after school program is suppose to be a place of excitement, education and comfort for the children and I really think the SIA volunteers helped reach that atmosphere. The children awaited their 2-4 pm program each day and participated with full energy.

The health program got amazing feedback from the community and the school because of the efforts of all the volunteers. There was a lot of planning, documenting, surveying, meetings and preparing to reach the goals SIA and its volunteers had set out. The health program wants to improve general hygiene and evaluate the needs of the local communities that we work with. The volunteers worked on location, off location and ran events to create awareness towards these health issues. If it wasn’t for the hard work our volunteers put in, none of this would be possible. We had a health event in the community and in the public school Tupac Amaru II this past month and it only opens up more doors for the next coming months.

ESL is similar to the YIA program in that it allows for children to come out of interest to learn, and educate themselves. But ESL takes a solely english approach where the children come to practice their knowledge of english after school. I saw the volunteers and children bloom this month in the ESL program. There were always exciting stories to hear from each volunteers and I could hear the passion in their voice while expressing these stories. It is truly amazing to see volunteers really CARE for their placements that they took part in.

All of these amazing memories this month and a common theme of “end” comes to each volunteers mind. But this is not true! This is not an END! This is a celebration of the end of a month but the beginning of more progression. I highly encourage the volunteers to follow this blog, and our facebook page to keep that connection with your memories in Peru.

Keep in touch, all of you šŸ™‚

-Mansi Parasher

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You should be exhausted

You should be exhausted each night. Doesn’t seem logical does it?

Being exhausted means you worked with your full physical body, mind and emotions. Passion is the main thing you should have when doing something in life, if you are doing it without passion then it is just another activity, like brushing your teeth or something. Even brushing your teeth should be done with passion, you know when you stare at yourself in the mirror and go DAM my teeth are getting so clean right now. Or you make faces at yourself. Yeah you have all done it, don’t lie.

You should hit your bed each night, knowing that you DESERVE that soft pillow under your head and the warm comforter on your body. Knowing that today you did put 100% into whatever you did. Because, remember, no job is too small. Do it with PRIDE.

If someone asks you to makeĀ them coffee, package products, paint a wall, cut grass or even scratch their back. You BETTER be giving them the best dam coffee they have ever had, packing the neatest box, painting while dancing, cutting the grass with grace and scratching their back till full satisfaction is received. And I am not saying, you should do things for others. This effort, this passion, this 100% is what you put in for yourself, not to satisfy others but to RAISE the quality of your life. Some may not see it. but being exhausted is an AMAZING feeling.

Being exhausted makes you appreciate a lounging chair, a bed, a stiff stool, a wooden chair, comfy shoes, or even grass to lay on. YES !!

I end this sweet little blog with yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes because i think this 3 letter word brings so much joy in peoples lives.

“Yes I will click ‘like’ on this blog and tell others to stop whining and ENJOY their work and go get exhausted.”

Mansi Parasher