Transition then keep moving forward!

It was during the last day at the community when Troy (a peru C volunteer) was speaking in front of the community leaders, “Youth in action” children and the other Canadian volunteers that made a lot of us shed a tear. He spoke about hiIMG_1493s week long experience working in the community with Youth in Action. The comfort the children gave him, the support he saw, the love he felt, all of it was summed up by his well written speech for the farewell ceremony. The children didn’t seem to want to let IMG_1499go of him when we were saying goodbye. The children loved all the Youth in Action volunteers as they created such a beautiful and educational environment for them to be in. They spent days planning their YIA programs, making sure core values were taught to these children about love and respect.10526009_10101189575513128_1488055161521007827_n It is the transition that happens beautifully from one group to another. Peru C got to meet with the Manitoba group as the Manitoba group was easing into being here and starting their projects.IMG_1529 The ESL program had gotten a fresh new start of its 6-week program and right now we officially have around 40 consistent children who attend our after school program and are eager to learn english every day for an hour. The ESL teachers from Peru C had a chance to sit with the new manitoba group ESL teachers to talk to them about the classes, the challenges, the lessons, the environment and just tips/tricks over all.IMG_1539 The children have also been involved with SIA after school in the “Club de Salud” initiative. This club allows them to come togetIMG_1549her as a group and speak about the important issues of hygiene with their peers. This club is meant to built leadership skills in the students so they can move forward and make better decisions for themselves and the community they are from.100_1622 Club de Salud did a presentation yesterday for the “Dia del Logro” (day of success), parents, teachers and, government officials all came to the school where different classrooms were set up for different demonstrations of the children’s excellence. Club de Salud did a demonstration of their own on the importance of hygiene and hand washing. IMG_1584 Different stations were set up for the visitors to see and the best part was that it was all run by the students themselves! Birdie is the project leader for Hands for hygiene, and with the help of the manitoba group volunteers has been able to put this club together for the chiIMG_1582ldren to speak up and gain this confidence. It was amazing to see their excitement when explaining to a teacher about the state of potatoes when exposed to different bacterias. Different potatoes were set up in different bags after being exposed to various platforms and bacteria. It was left to grow for 4 days and seeing the results was shocking!

All the programs have been running with great success, no matter what the challenges are, all our volunteers come together and make beautiful memories. This is visible by the excitement and attachment the children have with our volunteers.

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-Mansi Parasher


Leaving a mark

The group went out to dinner in Barranco last night, only the most beautiful place around. We had a view of the ocean from where we were sitting. Everyone was on such a “high” as we had amazing placements like usual. Youth in Action crew and Health group joined forces to implement a healthy class, we talked about the importance of washing your hands, sang songs and did activities. Everyone looks like they already belong here, the way they interact with the children and the locals is so “natural”.

Shavonne, Sydney, Nicole and Jasmine got to see some of the peruvian culture by exploring the market today while they looked for items to implement a hand washing station in Youth in Action community centre. This way Children can see the importance of cleanliness while they enjoy their time in a fun environment.

I believe it is important to execute things with as much passion, commitment, and love. I see this in all the volunteers I have interacted with thus far!! Today is Friday and also their last day of placements. Tomorrow is a big event the health program is running, alongside Youth in Action to invite ALL the parents of the community with their children to come learn about the hand washing station, and for the children to present their mothers day crafts. We will have raffles, prizes and lots of bonding going on. It will be a nice farewell from this lovely place and the group will then prepare for their trip to Cusco after leaving their mark in the community, the public/private schools, the special needs kids school, the day care and  this retreat house.

Hasta luego

 – Mansi Parasher


You’ll never know, If you never try

What a powerful day !

To give you a SLIGHT idea of how it went, go on our facebook page (SolidarityinactionInc) and click on the link of our shared photo from “Solidaritas” page. The album will simply make you smile 🙂 It shows the interaction between our Western group and the children of a local school is Tupac district. IS the link.

Also, it was amazing to see the interaction between the children of Youth in Action with the volunteers! One thing I can say is that the volunteers definitely have their hands full! There are so many excited children that want to genuinely come out even after a long day at school. I saw Lauren O. in Youth in Action doing it all with a smile, sweating and running around with the children.

Today was another amazing day for the health program as well. We got to meet with the Principle of a school called Tupac Amaru where the Western group has been running the ESL program. He told us that general hygiene is a national problem and we need to address it step by step. His goal is to teach the parents through teaching the children. Ever since he’s been there he’s implemented a safer environment for the children, and a cleaner environment. It was a truly inspirational beginning to a great movement!



Not going to lie, a lot of participants admitted that the first day of placements was a bit difficult, out of their comfort zone and hard to adjust to. There are many factors for that. But EACH AND EVERY participant decided to go back to the SAME placement to give it one more shot and to stick with it! I thought that was amazing because it is human nature to run away from something that makes you uncomfortable and they challenged themselves.

Here are a few pictures from some exciting moments so far.

IMG_0215 IMG_0227 IMG_2249 IMG_2264


All the participants are trying new things, stepping outside of their comfort zone and challenging themselves as far as possible!

Tonight Larry Shuttleworth sat with them after dinner to talk about the responsibility you have as a fortunate human being to “do more.” With whatever it is.


Mansi Parasher

New experiences!

“Today we had the opportunity to continue the pilot project development with Solidaritas. Together, at a local park, we exchanged ideas to finalize a set of activities that we will implement over the next three days, for the program.

It was a pleasure working alongside Solidaritas. The day was full of smiles, laughs and hard work.  The highlight of the day was when the kindergarten and primary classes from Solidaritas and primary classes from Solidaritas joined us at the park to show us some songs and dances. The kids were adorable and enjoyed engaging with the parachute we brought.

Our afternoon was spent at Tupac Amaru highschool. We began our after-school ESL program and had a great time teaching students conversational English. The day was filled with fun activities that focused on simple introductions with one another.” – Ryan HughesIMG_2222


“Seeing the children in the morning sing their anthem and walking in a line was so cute because we never see that at home”- Lauren O. Volunteers Lauren, Sydney, Alyssa and Morgan shared their experience at Inmaculado private school.

Laura Alva school for children with exceptionalities was another placement that the volunteers reflected on tonight during our evening discussion. Michaela mentioned that she had a conversation with the mother of a child she interacted with and was able to communicate with her through just body language and she felt the love without any words.

Youth In Action and Cristo Rey were two after school programs that take place where volunteers can explore a bit more adventurous teaching and learning. Jenni, a volunteer was impressed by the english that the Cristo Rey students had to offer, they made new friends today.  Lauren O mentioned while leaving youth in action, the children wanted to bond even more because they wanted to take pictures and she felt like she connected with them even more.

A long day of all kinds of different experiences !!

My self, Nicole and Jasmine were able to work on our health project and identify things that need to be done for the end of the week. We were able to spend some time at the day care today to see how many healthy practices they have implemented already and Nicole mentioned that she was impressed by the hand washing routines with the toddlers. Speaking of day care, Sara had a great time with the children today bonding with the lovely Lilliana who runs the day care by herself and bonded with her.


After a hard working day, we are all enjoying a discussion sitting here at 9:15 pm, about to plan the big day tomorrow full of exciting placements ! and be ready to go at 7 am!

Everyone is very enthusiastic.

-Mansi Parasher

Welcome SIA!

Today the Peru A group went to the community called Hijos de 28! It was a type of “WE are SIA” event. The community members got to come out to the community centre and meet each volunteer from Canada. They had a question and answer round and the innocent questions that were asked made everyone laugh together. “What do you Canadians eat?” … “uhhhh pancakes and maple syrup”.




But over all, the volunteers had an amazing time connecting with the parents who signed up their children for the Youth in Action program today, and playing games with the children.



The Western group visited an NGO called Solidaritas that wants the help from our volunteers to create a bilingual program for a local public school. They came home with their minds full of new knowledge, exciting plans and an adventurous attitude. Both the groups got together for a lovely meal and later played some games before you could get serious about project planning for tomorrow.

IMG_0194 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0200


Overall, I think it was a very powerful day for all of us, because we made connections with a new community that wants to know more about us! Wants to know more about what we will be doing in the next week that will impact for us and the community.

Other than that, I offer the educators, the role models, the teachers, the friends, and the volunteers all a big high five for the motivation that they have brought into SIA this week. It is absolutely amazing.

Hope to make a video about the adventures mid week ! Stay tuned 🙂


-Mansi Parasher