Stay Calm!

It is true that when we get overwhelmed with things in our lives, we tend to react in a way that doesn’t help those situations at all. Why do we do that? Why is it that we freak out knowing that it is in no way going to better our situation? Do we like to make a situation worse? Are humans really psychotic like that?

Staying calm means that you are giving your brain, your body that respect that it deserves. You are giving yourself time to be productive and get yourself out of that situation. You are giving your head some meditation, and reflecting time.

It is so important to practice being calm, because if it isn’t YOU who’s going to start doing it then who will? You have to become an example for the world. If something goes “not as planned” stay calm, think. There are two kinds of people, those who sit there and say “ohhhhhhhhhhh why me?”. And those who accept that its happening and ask “ok what should I do next?” Understand?

Life carries on, with or without you. Things get done or don’t get done. It will either affect you or not affect you. The point is…. ITS YOUR CHOICE how you want to feel.

Hashtag time !


-Mansi Parasher


A Miracle

Came across this touching video….

Before you watch it, read my words.

It is a miracle to wake up everyday, healthy, smiling, and having a functioning body. We don’t realize that. It is a miracle to interact with others and be able to express yourself. We don’t realize that. It is a miracle to have love of any kind in our lives, we don’t realize that. As beautiful as life is and as beautiful as we are as human being, we go out in the world and spread negativity by judging others, assuming things about others, and hating on others beliefs, actions, and appearance. Please, next time you even think a negative thought about someone else. I hope you are reminded of the miracle of life and our existence, and not to waste it on such things.

Here you go:

-Mansi Parasher

Plot twist ;)

Saw a quote today that made me smile.

“Whenever something goes wrong in your life, just yell “PLOT TWIST”, and move on”

How AMAZING would it be if we just treated our lives as an exciting novel, or movie. Well lets see….

1) Heart breaks would excite you. Every time someone hurt you, you’d be like “DON’T YOU WORRY, GOOD THINGS ARE COMING MY WAY” (well because that usually happens in a movie. Girl breaks boys heart, boy cries, meets amazing girl, falls in love, realizes that bad things happened in the past for a reason.

2) Tragedies would motivate you. Usually when the character goes through something horrible, its followed up my self awakening in some form of adventure of journey. Prime example FINDING NEMO! Guys wife is brutally murdered and son is kidnapped. LOL, but through the spiritual journey both father and son find their love for each other and see the world outside of their coral that they once knew.

3) We would’t judge people so much. Movies and books always have wacky characters but in real life we tend to stay away from wacky characters. Maybe we would just learn to accept people more for what they are and just .. go .. with . it 😉

4) We would always want to dig deeper. Think about it, without a good search, journey and questioning; a mystery novel is NOTHING. We would question everything and seek more from life.

So next time you break your nail, stub your toe, your cat wants to kill you…. think of it as a PLOT TWIST and deal with it. and of course you can treat less serious situations that way too (stubbing your toe is killer).

Mansi Parasher


Everyone is freaking out!

At this time of the year, everyones worried about grades, graduation, jobs, further studies, etc. At least that is the pattern I am seeing in my life right now. Why am I so at ease? Is it normal to not be “worried”? I feel like I have found this content little place in my heart and mind where nothing freaks me out anymore. I know lots of people are extremely busy with their lives and I know that i’ve heard this quote before, “Life keeps you away from life.” Its simple, sometimes we get so caught up with what is going on in our lives that we forget to step back and take a breath.

I think the reason I am so relaxed, during my busy weekly schedule is because I have found the key to life. YES, I said it. I, Mansi Parasher have found the key to life. (This key might not fit your door but it fits mine.) COMMUNICATION.

Are you confused?

I believe, at the end of the day, it ALL comes down to how you interact with others and what kind of impression/impact you leave on others. Theres a reason why people say “think before you talk”, it’s true! I think I have found a sense of satisfaction in the way i approach situations, talk to others and relate to my fellow friends and acquaintances or even strangers.

I think this is such a huge part of our lives. Think about it! Lack of communication makes us confused, angry, upset or even crazy. Miscommunication causes dilemmas and arguments. A proper connection with someone involved good communication and it literally decides how our day/week will turn out.

This month is all about SIA team trying to communicate with different people and trying to introduce them to this amazing opportunity. Personally i’ve been working on talking to past participants on their experience. I hope the videos I make of these past participants speaks better to people than simple words do.

Check out our page for video updates this week!

Our event on sunday is going to all about us communicating with new people who are interested in learning more on how they can get involved!

Be a part of something amazing!

-Mansi Parasher

Getting ready for 2013

Dear SIA community,

As we look at our number of blog views we are continually reminded of the interest that is shown by the SIA community regarding our attempt to motivate and empower through our international development work. As I head to South America for a number of months, we have been given an opportunity to share with you all the developments that take place and the many lessons that the SIA Peru team, the SIA leaders and our wonderful volunteers will learn. It is my hope that over the next few months we will be able to provide you with an accurate depiction of our work through Developing Together. We hope to provide you with stories written both by and about our local SIA team, Canadian volunteers, the local residents, and the many other highlights that we experience. We hope that this forum will provide you with the insight outlining this enriching and worthwhile experience that we are fortunate to embark on every day.

We look forward to sharing the next few months with you and we hope that we will see you in South America one of these days!

We have had trouble with the internet at the retreat house the past few days, and so I leave you with a well-known photo from 2012.

L Shuttleworth

–          Building a community of inspired and motivated individuals… Developing Together

Eric poses with Ruth (far right) and her friends during the SIA program in May 2012.