You can relate to this if you’re a short person like myself. The moment when you have to get something from the top shelf and you make it a 30 second mission to reach with your tippy toes and arms out in full extension. You know you can easily go get a step ladder or a chair to stand on but for JUST A MOMENT you know you WANT to do it all by yourself.

That level of determination, skill, focus and aim takes place for literally 30 seconds, and then we get the item we want and feel like a BAWWSSS (boss).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we used that moment but for everything else we did. Maybe for some important things like, finishing a painting. (lol) I’ve had a painting sitting in my room half done for over a year now. (No clue why I haven’t gotten to it)

OK OK , maybe for more important things like school, at a work place, or helping someone. I think many people just go on day by day putting in an average amount of effort into things, because, well….it is OKAY to do so. We get by, no ones complaining and it gets the job done. But if Chefs had the same attitude we would be eating mediocre food at fancy restaurants. EFFORT is the key word here folks. We choose to put less effort into certain things. And more effort into other things.

I’ve witnessed people who don’t make an effort to clean up after themselves (which bugs me, but might not bug someone else) simply because they can get by with not cleaning up. I know that everything starts with yourself, and i’ve also heard that if you want to clean up your life and make it better, it starts with cleaning up after yourself (I’m not kidding). Physically cleaning up after yourself can make such a big difference in your attitude and your life. Oh gosh I might be ranting again.

The point of this is. EFFORT is the word of the day, REACH for the things you want, don’t just use something that’ll “get you by”. Yes the job gets done, but how do you feel about it? Where is the sense of accomplishment? Where is the excitement? Where is the hard work?

“You may be short but you have a very tall personality”

Here is a happy picture!


-Mansi Parasher