We Want Peace

“The worst people on earth are not only those who commit evil, but those who stand by and turn a blind eye.” – Emmanuel Jal.

Friday night, I got to listen to Emmanuel Jal speak at the Laurier Waterloo campus. His message was simple; let there be peace. He spoke about his experience as a war child. He shared his stories from the lowest times of his life. “I looked at my friend thinking….I am going to eat you tomorrow.” Imagine being in a state where hunger takes over any moral thoughts in your mind? When he got rescued from his life, someone offered to give him the gift of education. Till this day, he shows great love for that person. After being educated, he sought a life in music. As a musician he spreads his word of love and peace, also directing many campaigns and causes that allow children in Africa to have opportunities like he was able to have.

I couldn’t recap his story even if I wanted to, I believe his book “War child” explains it all. But there were great thoughts going around that day. It was really inspiring to see his positivity. Sometimes we like hearing horrible stories from others just to appreciate our own story. Weird how that works, right?

He asked the audience one simple question. “What is our biggest struggle in life?

After a few answers, which he mentioned were all right, but were not 110%…..someone said EDUCATION. The purpose of his being right now is so try and educate as many people as possible. As Alex carson interpreted it, “He basically meant, go get educated first, so that you can do whatever you do, that much better.” There is a reason people say, education is power. He said it is a struggle because a LOT of people don’t get the same opportunities. Everyone SHOULD have a right to learn….

A lot of people go through hardships, some worse than others. But at the moment, sadness or negativity takes over our lives. It is important to see the tomorrow, and plan on how you can make it better. Emmanuel never gave up. You can easily stick to a certain mood and feel sorry for yourself. But you really have to think about benefits…will that benefit you? No.

Life is too short to behave like a person you wouldn’t want to be remembered as.

Thank you Emmanuel Jal, for emphasizing positivity in this world. His music may also speak to some of you. 

(Left to right), Me, Emmanuel, Steve, Alex and Dammee
(Left to right), Me, Emmanuel, Steve, Alex and Dammee

Check this out: http://youtu.be/nF_dHdNOgSA

-Mansi Parasher