A look ahead to SIA’s summer in South America

Hello Everyone,

We are just about to begin our beginning our most active time of the year, as our first group of university students prepares to fly to Lima this coming Friday, May 4th.

I arrived in Lima, Peru on Sunday following a few days in Guayaquil, Ecuador. For the next four months we will be receiving more than 90 volunteers from the universities, high schools as well as a group of well meaning adults. During our time in Peru and Ecuador we will be interacting. Our first group of students is due to arrive to Peru on Friday May 4th. The group will include 20 university students and staff from Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Guelph and other students from other universities and colleges.

Over the next few months you will be able to follow us as continue to improve the daycare in Pacifico de Villa, Lima. In Ecuador we will work alongside the Monte Sinai community, to help build a multi-purpose community hall. As well, stay up to date as we engage students and teachers in our English classes. These are just a few of the projects that we hope to complete this summer.

Stay up to date with our newsletter and check the blog regularly to hear about the personal experiences of our SIA staff, volunteers and with the people from the communities with whom we work. You will hear from our SIA staff, trip leaders, participants and members of the local communities.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as we look to continue to build the Solidarity in Action community.

We wish everyone a safe and successful summer and we look forward to receiving our SIA volunteers in Peru and Ecuador.

In Solidarity,

Larry Shuttleworth

The two newly completed classrooms of the Nino de Jesus daycare, Pacifico de Villa, Lima.
Larry listens as Florentino, the president of the Nino de Jesus daycare, and the other members of the executive discuss their ideas for the daycare. Lima, Peru
Javier Bazan and Larry joined the president of Pacifico de Villa, Luis Serna and other members of the executve to discuss the plans for the upcoming months and into the future.