Programs to engage participants and instigate sustainable change: SIA Programs 2013

This summer, SIA witnessed determined volunteers, who brought their skills, passion and care to the SIA program in Peru and Ecuador. Our volunteers engaged with the community and with the development of our volunteers, our leaders, and the progress of SIA Peru, we have received an increase in support from individual community members. We have more people who are involved in the SIA program in Peru, Ecuador and in Canada. This year we will build on the success, by developing sustainable programs, which continue to use the initiative of the community members and of our talented North American volunteers.

During the summer, 90 volunteers and their leaders were allowed to contribute their skills to our international projects. The volunteers helped with infrastructure, health, education, social projects and many more. The volunteers were empowered by the experience, whether it was leading a community needs assessment, helping to design a bathroom, speaking with the women from the community or developing a youth day program.

On September 4th, we launched the 2013 SIA program schedule. This year’s programs will include the continuation of the youth programming in Pacifico de Villa. We will develop English programs that help improve the speaking skills of students in public schools and in the communities, both Pacifico de Villa and Monte Sinai. SIA will also continue to improve the access to health within Lima, through the Pacifico de Villa health promoters and in Guayaquil, through the support of the Mariana de Jesus Foundation’s Jose Obrero Clinic. In Peru, SIA is looking to improve the access to clean water in Pacifico de Villa.

During the summer, our volunteers shared with us their desire to be even better prepared for SIA programs, as they felt that they could have contributed even more to the program! This year we would like to help each of our participants feel prepared to contribute to the program, prior to and during their program.

The current, future, and past SIA participants are all invited to become involved with the SIA program prior to traveling to South America. Participants will be able to meet with their program leaders, other participants and with South American staff members, to help prepare for their experience, to allow them to better contribute their knowledge and skills during the program.

The programs rely on well prepared volunteers, who are willing to contribute their skills, whether it be skills learned through a university, or as a result of skills learned through job experience.

With many wonderful opportunities available, we invite all interested volunteers to connect with us and to determine the ways in which they can become part of this solidarity experience.

Let us know how you want to become involved!