Taking initiative to help someone walk

This past month I learned a lot about taking initiative and how much it can hinder your situation if you DON’T. Sometimes it can be confusing as to when you can step up and speak out. But if you never try then how will you know?

Peru B group being aware that we have guests in our picture!

Being a leader doesn’t mean you always have to speak up and give orders. Initiative can be mental as well. It is highly important to think about what you’re going to be doing next. Only then, you can have a good judgement of what is going on and when you need to step up. Doesn’t matter what kind of story you have in life; whether you are a student, a wanderer, a full time parent, working a full time job, a professional or a world traveller. You’ll always come across situations where you might be confused about whether to step in or step back. The best advice I can share from my experiences is to be VERY aware. Know everything that is going on and think beyond your own self. That sounds a bit difficult but its as easy as any other practice in life. If you constantly practice thinking beyond yourself, you’ll reach a state of awareness that you’ve never achieved before.

“we wear a bikini in the summer”

During our ESL program at Tupac yesterday, we had around 15 eager students who were excited to come learn english. We continued our lessons on seasons in Canada and taught about Summer! We spoke about the beach, the clothing you wear and the activities you do during summer. It came time to explain what a life guard was, the children weren’t understanding the picture with the word on it so we had to stage a drowning scene with someone coming to save me. In that moment, the unplanned saving my life scene was successful because the other teacher (Birdie) came to my rescuIMG_2762e pretending to be a life guard. Moments like that make you appreciate the initiatives that others take because they are aware of everything that is going on. And also it was just funny…

ESL students with Lauren Dunlop

“If you want to make a change in the world, start by making your bed.”  This quote might seem a bit strange but it makes so much sense to me. Organize your thoughts, your mind, know where you’re going and know where you’ve been before. You will be aware, make meaningful steps, take initiative and be a better version of yourself!

-Mansi Parasher



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