Today, was education. Today, I learned about someones life and how to save a life.

We went to Tupac Amaru II school for our ESL classes but prior to that we had a meeting with a lovely individual who was willing to tell us about the history of the IMG_1062place we call our precious little garden of education. It was awesome to hear about the developments within the community but the hardships people faced to get where they are today are the rips in the timeline that make it imperfect in a beautiful way.

Imagine for a second, leaving your lovely home, moving far away to a place with no attraction, just wooden houses and sand…lots of sand and rocks. 40 years later, as she reminisced about her life, she shared with joy all that she has seen. I enjoyed the perk in her voice when she spoke about Tupac, a voice with pride. A community that fought for their rights to have electricity, water and sewage.

Imagine for a second, having to walk 20 blocks to go get water for things like laundry, and everyday use. Her children helped her through this process and well, it was normal for them. As she spoke about the issue of water, she got emotional explaining “it reminds me of a very sad time.” Tupac Amaru II is in a much better place right now, and with the help of people like this woman, it will only get better.


Lilliana and Julia are the two amazing women who work day and night to make sure the children at their day care are happy and healthy. Sometimes keeping people healthy is a tough job in case of emergencies. James Nyugen, an extended volunteer and a paramedic by profession gave them a 3 hour course on different situations they might face while with children or with people in general.

They went over scenarios where someone might be choking on their food, what to do if the person is too tall, too short, in a wheelchair, or is too big. They even went on what to do if a person has stopped breathing after choking!IMG_1077

James did an excellent job at explaining every single detail to these ladies, and they were so interested in learning that they tried these procedures with each other!IMG_1075        Everyone should know the basics on saving lives because you never know when you might end up in a situation where you are the only one to give someone a second chance.

Teaching Julia how to properly handle a choking baby

Another scenario they practiced was if the baby is choking, which can be really difficult and hard to handle. It was so amazing to see James handle everything with such care and precision. Julia and Lilliana asked many questions because in their line of work they’ve dealt with everything from fevers, falling and crying babies. Luckily they have never had a situation until today where the child had to be rushed to the hospital. But none the less, they left the office, way more educated on this subject than they came in with.

Don’t you just love learning!?

I will post a video on the entire workshop soon because our fellow viewers, and SIA believers, also can benefit from this information.

-Mansi Parasher


The best part…

A little birdie once told me, it always gets better. I love being in stressful situations, where the universe comes together to make you believe this is the ONLY thing happening right now and its happening real fast. Breathe. Wait. It gets better.

Or sing a song that speaks to your heart :)
Or sing a song that speaks to your heart 🙂

The best thing about horrible times is that you can look foreword to it getting better.

The best thing about when you’re upset is that it gives you appreciation for when you’re happy.

Peru B group in downtown Lima

The best thing about when you’re angry at someone is appreciating the times when you’re laughing with them.

The best part about ending something amazing is reminiscing about the memories you made, the lessons you learned and the relationships you were able to build.

The best part about being unsatisfied is being able to brainstorm how you’re going to make yourself satisfied. Progressive minds!:)

beautiful smiles from Hijos de 28

The best part about crying is seeing the beauty of a smile.

The best part about seeing someone who doesn’t have much is seeing how much you have.

Carrying our priorities on our back

The best part about betrayal is that moment that turns you into a more honest person.

We like to view situations as they are happening to you. Not for what they actually are. Look beyond yourself, seek more, and get a birds eye view and most of all, appreciate every aspect of life, even the bad ones.


-Mansi Parasher

Best part about silly faces is….


Tupac Amaru II

You know they say its hard to change a thought process of someone if they’ve thought in that way for their entire life. It is easy to give up hope if you constantly think like that. The least you can do is TRY. The experience at Tupac Amaru schoolIMG_0603 today gave me hope for a better tomorrow. It gave me hope to see more smiles in the future. Days like this make me believe that our work is… well….contributing to the change.

Students trying Glogerm

What I mean when I talk about changing peoples way of thinking has to do with todays health initiative at the school. Health promoter volunteers James and Chizo IMG_0604went into Tupac amaru with our lovely Maria from the SIA peru team to do demonstration in some classes. The children were attentive from the moment we walked in because of the buckets and equipment we brought along. We had student volunteers demonstrate to the other kids how Glo germ works. They got to see first hand, the germs on their hands and the affect soap IMG_0608has on getting rid of them. It was exciting to see their reactions of amazement when the flashlight proved that their germs decreased after washing hands with soap
and water. Does this mean we have convinced each person in that room to use soap next time they wash their hands? No, not at all. It means that we did our part and showed them the facts. It is up to them to decide how they want to interpret it. All we do is try, we let them know… someone cares.

I suppose you can take that approach with many other things in life. You want to help a friend who’s life style you do not agree with. You can do your job as a good friend, and a good samaritan and let them know your side. Let them know what you think and let them know what might be better. After that, it is up to them to decide how they want to interpret your help.

Photo scavenger hunt told them to “ENJOY NATURE”
This was cleaned up later

We took a similar toll in our ESL class today when we introduced “World environment day” to the students. We spoke about the importance of loving nature, cleaning up your surroundings and overall awareness of a healthy lifestyle. When I told the students about Walking instead of driving when you can avoid it, they all agreed. It made me smile to know that they agree and understand these things at such a young age. They did a photo scavenger IMG_0624hunt where they had a list of instructions in English to figure out for themselves. They had to depict certain scenarios and really think about how they were going to do it. When came time to show a “bad/dirty environment” the children didn’t have to go far to see garbage laying on the ground.

We ended the day with a garbage clean up activity that the children took on with full enthusiasm. IMG_0620They ran around looking for places to clean up and even the elders around noticed what they were doing and it gave them a reason to smile.

All in all, it was a day full of smiles. Full efforts were shown from the children and our team to be a part of this change.

-Mansi Parasher


Taking initiative to help someone walk

This past month I learned a lot about taking initiative and how much it can hinder your situation if you DON’T. Sometimes it can be confusing as to when you can step up and speak out. But if you never try then how will you know?

Peru B group being aware that we have guests in our picture!

Being a leader doesn’t mean you always have to speak up and give orders. Initiative can be mental as well. It is highly important to think about what you’re going to be doing next. Only then, you can have a good judgement of what is going on and when you need to step up. Doesn’t matter what kind of story you have in life; whether you are a student, a wanderer, a full time parent, working a full time job, a professional or a world traveller. You’ll always come across situations where you might be confused about whether to step in or step back. The best advice I can share from my experiences is to be VERY aware. Know everything that is going on and think beyond your own self. That sounds a bit difficult but its as easy as any other practice in life. If you constantly practice thinking beyond yourself, you’ll reach a state of awareness that you’ve never achieved before.

“we wear a bikini in the summer”

During our ESL program at Tupac yesterday, we had around 15 eager students who were excited to come learn english. We continued our lessons on seasons in Canada and taught about Summer! We spoke about the beach, the clothing you wear and the activities you do during summer. It came time to explain what a life guard was, the children weren’t understanding the picture with the word on it so we had to stage a drowning scene with someone coming to save me. In that moment, the unplanned saving my life scene was successful because the other teacher (Birdie) came to my rescuIMG_2762e pretending to be a life guard. Moments like that make you appreciate the initiatives that others take because they are aware of everything that is going on. And also it was just funny…

ESL students with Lauren Dunlop

“If you want to make a change in the world, start by making your bed.”  This quote might seem a bit strange but it makes so much sense to me. Organize your thoughts, your mind, know where you’re going and know where you’ve been before. You will be aware, make meaningful steps, take initiative and be a better version of yourself!

-Mansi Parasher