Today was a day full of excitement because it was all about coming to an end of an experience. It is never an end to a feeling or motivation because these things can be carried on to your home with you!

That is the one thing we focused on during our late discussion with the group. Some of them wondered how they would possibly describe their experiences this week with their friends and family back home without missing the true essence of it.

Today, the western group had a grand conference for adults, and teachers from the physical education project. I got to see the aftermath of the amount of chairs left behind that it was truly amazing. I also got a gist of the event from the way they spoke about it at dinner. It was truly going home (going to Cusco) with a big bang!

As for Peru A group, we all went to the community called Hijos de 28 after the conference. This was the event that all the parents of the Youth in Action kids were invited to. It was a very successful event as more than 80 people attended. The health group including Nicole, Shavonne, Jasmine, Sydney and myself did a presentation for all the community adults about proper hand washing techniques and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Later on they expressed that they really appreciated our efforts and wanted to ask us questions. We all had hygiene packages for them.

The chaotic but beautiful part of this experience was the hand washing station we implemented for the Youth in Action program. After the rest of the group finished doing activities with the children, they came in to wash their hands. It was a lot of children with clean hands.

The event, the wonderful dinner, and the discussions all led to a super awesome day that no one will forget. Tomorrow is an exciting day for both groups as Western is flying to Cusco and Peru A is having a free day to explore Lima a bit more.

Group Peru A western

Mansi Parasher

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