Today the group got to meet some very important partners of SIA and the people SOME of our volunteers have been working with all week. The leaders of Solidaritas joined here (a local NGO that the Western group has been working alongside with ESL and active learning programs). Also, the two wonderful ladies who run the day care came over for dinner and after dinner we spent talking and sharing stories with each other.

It was a real pleasure to have them tell us about their lives and how they came to be where they are. Lilliana shared her story about the day care and how she simply just has a passion for children. Miguelle shared his experience being a teacher and that he chose to be a teacher because its rewarding and the best feeling to have. We have a lot of teachers in the group who listened attentively and could relate to these feelings.

Overall the last day was spent saying Hasta luego at the school placements, children giving their teachers gifts, cards and amazing memories. Whereas the farewell for the health group and Youth in Action group will be tomorrow during the event. We spent all day preparing for the event tomorrow.

Hope all goes well!!


-Mansi Parasher


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