Leaving a mark

The group went out to dinner in Barranco last night, only the most beautiful place around. We had a view of the ocean from where we were sitting. Everyone was on such a “high” as we had amazing placements like usual. Youth in Action crew and Health group joined forces to implement a healthy class, we talked about the importance of washing your hands, sang songs and did activities. Everyone looks like they already belong here, the way they interact with the children and the locals is so “natural”.

Shavonne, Sydney, Nicole and Jasmine got to see some of the peruvian culture by exploring the market today while they looked for items to implement a hand washing station in Youth in Action community centre. This way Children can see the importance of cleanliness while they enjoy their time in a fun environment.

I believe it is important to execute things with as much passion, commitment, and love. I see this in all the volunteers I have interacted with thus far!! Today is Friday and also their last day of placements. Tomorrow is a big event the health program is running, alongside Youth in Action to invite ALL the parents of the community with their children to come learn about the hand washing station, and for the children to present their mothers day crafts. We will have raffles, prizes and lots of bonding going on. It will be a nice farewell from this lovely place and the group will then prepare for their trip to Cusco after leaving their mark in the community, the public/private schools, the special needs kids school, the day care and  this retreat house.

Hasta luego

 – Mansi Parasher



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