You’ll never know, If you never try

What a powerful day !

To give you a SLIGHT idea of how it went, go on our facebook page (SolidarityinactionInc) and click on the link of our shared photo from “Solidaritas” page. The album will simply make you smile 🙂 It shows the interaction between our Western group and the children of a local school is Tupac district. IS the link.

Also, it was amazing to see the interaction between the children of Youth in Action with the volunteers! One thing I can say is that the volunteers definitely have their hands full! There are so many excited children that want to genuinely come out even after a long day at school. I saw Lauren O. in Youth in Action doing it all with a smile, sweating and running around with the children.

Today was another amazing day for the health program as well. We got to meet with the Principle of a school called Tupac Amaru where the Western group has been running the ESL program. He told us that general hygiene is a national problem and we need to address it step by step. His goal is to teach the parents through teaching the children. Ever since he’s been there he’s implemented a safer environment for the children, and a cleaner environment. It was a truly inspirational beginning to a great movement!



Not going to lie, a lot of participants admitted that the first day of placements was a bit difficult, out of their comfort zone and hard to adjust to. There are many factors for that. But EACH AND EVERY participant decided to go back to the SAME placement to give it one more shot and to stick with it! I thought that was amazing because it is human nature to run away from something that makes you uncomfortable and they challenged themselves.

Here are a few pictures from some exciting moments so far.

IMG_0215 IMG_0227 IMG_2249 IMG_2264


All the participants are trying new things, stepping outside of their comfort zone and challenging themselves as far as possible!

Tonight Larry Shuttleworth sat with them after dinner to talk about the responsibility you have as a fortunate human being to “do more.” With whatever it is.


Mansi Parasher

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