Welcome SIA!

Today the Peru A group went to the community called Hijos de 28! It was a type of “WE are SIA” event. The community members got to come out to the community centre and meet each volunteer from Canada. They had a question and answer round and the innocent questions that were asked made everyone laugh together. “What do you Canadians eat?” … “uhhhh pancakes and maple syrup”.




But over all, the volunteers had an amazing time connecting with the parents who signed up their children for the Youth in Action program today, and playing games with the children.



The Western group visited an NGO called Solidaritas that wants the help from our volunteers to create a bilingual program for a local public school. They came home with their minds full of new knowledge, exciting plans and an adventurous attitude. Both the groups got together for a lovely meal and later played some games before you could get serious about project planning for tomorrow.

IMG_0194 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0200


Overall, I think it was a very powerful day for all of us, because we made connections with a new community that wants to know more about us! Wants to know more about what we will be doing in the next week that will impact for us and the community.

Other than that, I offer the educators, the role models, the teachers, the friends, and the volunteers all a big high five for the motivation that they have brought into SIA this week. It is absolutely amazing.

Hope to make a video about the adventures mid week ! Stay tuned 🙂


-Mansi Parasher


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