New experiences!

“Today we had the opportunity to continue the pilot project development with Solidaritas. Together, at a local park, we exchanged ideas to finalize a set of activities that we will implement over the next three days, for the program.

It was a pleasure working alongside Solidaritas. The day was full of smiles, laughs and hard work.  The highlight of the day was when the kindergarten and primary classes from Solidaritas and primary classes from Solidaritas joined us at the park to show us some songs and dances. The kids were adorable and enjoyed engaging with the parachute we brought.

Our afternoon was spent at Tupac Amaru highschool. We began our after-school ESL program and had a great time teaching students conversational English. The day was filled with fun activities that focused on simple introductions with one another.” – Ryan HughesIMG_2222


“Seeing the children in the morning sing their anthem and walking in a line was so cute because we never see that at home”- Lauren O. Volunteers Lauren, Sydney, Alyssa and Morgan shared their experience at Inmaculado private school.

Laura Alva school for children with exceptionalities was another placement that the volunteers reflected on tonight during our evening discussion. Michaela mentioned that she had a conversation with the mother of a child she interacted with and was able to communicate with her through just body language and she felt the love without any words.

Youth In Action and Cristo Rey were two after school programs that take place where volunteers can explore a bit more adventurous teaching and learning. Jenni, a volunteer was impressed by the english that the Cristo Rey students had to offer, they made new friends today.  Lauren O mentioned while leaving youth in action, the children wanted to bond even more because they wanted to take pictures and she felt like she connected with them even more.

A long day of all kinds of different experiences !!

My self, Nicole and Jasmine were able to work on our health project and identify things that need to be done for the end of the week. We were able to spend some time at the day care today to see how many healthy practices they have implemented already and Nicole mentioned that she was impressed by the hand washing routines with the toddlers. Speaking of day care, Sara had a great time with the children today bonding with the lovely Lilliana who runs the day care by herself and bonded with her.


After a hard working day, we are all enjoying a discussion sitting here at 9:15 pm, about to plan the big day tomorrow full of exciting placements ! and be ready to go at 7 am!

Everyone is very enthusiastic.

-Mansi Parasher


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