Stay Calm!

It is true that when we get overwhelmed with things in our lives, we tend to react in a way that doesn’t help those situations at all. Why do we do that? Why is it that we freak out knowing that it is in no way going to better our situation? Do we like to make a situation worse? Are humans really psychotic like that?

Staying calm means that you are giving your brain, your body that respect that it deserves. You are giving yourself time to be productive and get yourself out of that situation. You are giving your head some meditation, and reflecting time.

It is so important to practice being calm, because if it isn’t YOU who’s going to start doing it then who will? You have to become an example for the world. If something goes “not as planned” stay calm, think. There are two kinds of people, those who sit there and say “ohhhhhhhhhhh why me?”. And those who accept that its happening and ask “ok what should I do next?” Understand?

Life carries on, with or without you. Things get done or don’t get done. It will either affect you or not affect you. The point is…. ITS YOUR CHOICE how you want to feel.

Hashtag time !


-Mansi Parasher


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