Plot twist ;)

Saw a quote today that made me smile.

“Whenever something goes wrong in your life, just yell “PLOT TWIST”, and move on”

How AMAZING would it be if we just treated our lives as an exciting novel, or movie. Well lets see….

1) Heart breaks would excite you. Every time someone hurt you, you’d be like “DON’T YOU WORRY, GOOD THINGS ARE COMING MY WAY” (well because that usually happens in a movie. Girl breaks boys heart, boy cries, meets amazing girl, falls in love, realizes that bad things happened in the past for a reason.

2) Tragedies would motivate you. Usually when the character goes through something horrible, its followed up my self awakening in some form of adventure of journey. Prime example FINDING NEMO! Guys wife is brutally murdered and son is kidnapped. LOL, but through the spiritual journey both father and son find their love for each other and see the world outside of their coral that they once knew.

3) We would’t judge people so much. Movies and books always have wacky characters but in real life we tend to stay away from wacky characters. Maybe we would just learn to accept people more for what they are and just .. go .. with . it 😉

4) We would always want to dig deeper. Think about it, without a good search, journey and questioning; a mystery novel is NOTHING. We would question everything and seek more from life.

So next time you break your nail, stub your toe, your cat wants to kill you…. think of it as a PLOT TWIST and deal with it. and of course you can treat less serious situations that way too (stubbing your toe is killer).

Mansi Parasher


A smile can make all the difference.

Think about it, whenever we go somewhere to get some kind of assistance, If the other person does it with a smile, we usually consider them a very nice person and our experience is thus all rainbows and sugar candy. But If the person does it without a smile, we think bad things about them (admit it).

How is it that we judge the character of another person just by whether they smiled with us or not? BECAUSE WE ARE JUDGEMENTAL HUMAN BEINGS.

You can sit there and say naaaaaaah uuuuuh I don’t judge people, nope. YES YOU DO! We all do it 🙂

Look, just by adding that smily face, me yelling at you through text became “okay”.

All I am trying to say is that, you should always smile at people because you might see them again in life, or maybe you will never see them again. But chances are, you want to leave a good impression on someone when you meet them, greet them, interact with them. If you don’t care about that, you probably stopped reading a while ago.

Sometimes your smile can make someones day better. They may go home and tell their family “oh I was having such a bad day but then I saw this really nice looking person and they smiled at me” (chances are no one tells other people about someone smiling at them but hey we can pretend).

Sometimes your smile can be creepy. but that is not your problem, thats how the other person perceives it. The point is, you did your job.

Sometimes your smile can be just the thing to motivate someone. Someone could be contemplating a big decision and then they raise their hands up and say “GOD GIVE ME A SIGN” and your smile is the next thing they see. and BAM! You just made someones future better (long shot, but very possible).

Sometimes your smile can give you better opportunities. Next time your boss asks someone about you, they wont say “Na don’t give him a promotion he looks miserable”, they’ll say “OMG HE/SHE IS SO NICE, they always smile at me”. There you go, now you are a millionaire.

You get the point.

This crazy blog, brought to you by:

Mansi Parasher

Who did you smile at today?


Why can’t we just appreciate each other for what we are? Why can’t we just see each other as humans rather than judging based on skin colour or social status?

Recently I was hurt by another person’s words when they told me they didn’t like a certain colour of people. It is up to ME and YOU to not judge people, first of all. It was hard not to judge, when someone says that to you. But it all comes down to being the person that your dog thinks you are. (lol).

I’ve met my fair share of closed minded people, but when you come across people that make you sad, make you upset or make you frustrated, simply remember..that YOU are aware, YOU are the one who’s open minded and YOU accept all types of thoughts…and those thoughts also include negative ones. Be happy that you are not the type of person that discriminates, be happy that you aren’t the one making someone else sad. There is nothing that anger ever fixes. (well it might temporarily, as anger brings passion and sometimes honesty) but for true solutions to such mind boggling situations, simply, explain your side of things. Give the other person something to think about. Because the only way we will bring change into this world is by sharing our positivity, sharing our opinion and influencing others to think differently.

That person hurt me because I felt sorry for their unfortunate thoughts, today they hurt one, tomorrow they will hurt more…..unfortunately. Lets hope more people will stand up for what is right.

-Mansi Parasher