Happy Holidays!!!!

Oh how easy it is to get sidetracked….

How easy it is to temporarily forget what you passionately care for.

I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before about “life keeping you away from life.” It almost feels like a sense of relief to write again. Especially on this stage, here.

I want to congratulate all the students and teachers reading this! YAY you made it through a semester, it was tough, you were frustrated many times….but YOU made it! December is truly a HAPPY month, there are so many things to look forward to.

But even for those who are not students, nor teachers. I know everyone looks forward to December because it marks an end and a beginning. For some of you, you might WANT this year to end, and get a fresh start. For others, letting go of 2013 might be a tough task. The point is, how ever you felt about this year, I want you to remember, you CAN make January a fresh new start to something more amazing!

I challenge you to set goals and STICK to them. I heard if you do something for 21 days, it is then a habit. So if you stay positive for 21 days straight, does that mean it’ll be a daily habit? (Only one way to find out hehe).

Personally, I like to reflect on my months every 3 months, to kind of “remind” myself of how meaningful my life is. I think it is a cool little practice I do, to keep my mind, body and soul on the right track and prioritizing.

What is something you do to remind yourself of what you’re doing and where you’re heading??? (Might be time to start a little practice of your own reflection).

I wish you all Happy Holidays from the Solidarity in Action team. May the new year bring some fresh new ideas into your head.

Try something new 😉

-Mansi Parasher