Think about it.

Today, in one of my classes, we spoke about “sociological imagination.” Apparently, in simple words, it means “a concept of how we view ourselves”….How we view our society? How we view ourselves in this society? What place do we have in the structure of things? All of these concepts and questions came up.

I tried to answer these complex answers in my head.

But a very important question popped up in my head as I thought about all of this…..

“How do I view myself in society?” What is my role?

I could easily say, Hey, I am a 21 year old student. But really? That is definitely not an acceptable answer for me.

I have been fortunate enough to have all these life experiences that I’ve had. Working for the wellbeing of a developing community brings out things in you that you’d never imagine. I didn’t know I could be a leader, for example. I didn’t know I could impact the learning ability of a house wife. I didn’t know I could create an amazing relationship with a 16 year old teenager. I didn’t know I could handle a 3 year old screaming child. I also didn’t know I could create my own family in Peru.

My role, as a person, as a student, as a friend, as a stranger, as a daughter, as a sister, or as ANYONE, is and always will be… to share my thoughts with others. Seems simple right? Doesn’t even seem like much of a role…

The reason I find this first STEP (as I would like to call it), so important is because, we can do wonders with our thoughts. I can help someone simply by showing them a new perspective. I can make someone smile simply by giving them advice. I can make someone laugh by sharing an experience. I can make someone realize something just by introducing a new idea. I can also… make a change.

This is the first step to making a change. It all starts from inside of you. You really think that smile doesn’t make a difference? Do it more often and just see the feedback you get.

Finding a purpose in life comes after you find your smile. So stick to something that makes you smile, and hold onto it. (For me, those are memories of being in Pacifico de villa)…. What about you?

So, I invite you all to …smile 🙂

Buenas noches!

-Mansi Parasher

A smile that impacted me immensely :)
A smile that impacted me immensely 🙂