Woke up to a lovely group message from Mayra Bazan (a member of the SIA team since 2009 and a lover of everything Peru).

“Hey something about Peru!

Well as this group is called “Team Perú”, i decided to put a little bit of Perú in here. I’m not sure if you heard about “El señor de los Milagros”(Lord of Miracles) or “Cristo Moreno” (Black Christ) (.. sounds weird to call him on english). He is very important for peruvians all around the world, people here is very devoted to him. This paint is call “Black Christ”, cause it was painted by an african slave. All the slaves were gather by the spaniols to learn about Jesus, but this image was always someone who wasn’t even close to look like them. So one of the slaves painted an adobe wall, very simply, a black Jesus someone they could be identify with. This wall after very strong earthquakes didn’t fall, and authorities in the past tryed to removed, but they couldn’t, cause every time someone got close, the colors would come alive. The are uncountable miracles this Christ have done for peruvians so the image was moved to Lima down town. This entire month people go on processions walking and praying beside him, he gives us a lot of strength!”

black crist

Also, we peruvians never forget about food, so as part of an African-Peruvian culture, black people create this amazing dessert to represent the wall!… this is a magical kind of hard cake with honey and tons of caramel!! we also get this the entire month… well i do! and wear purple clothing to represent our devotion as well!


Keep sharing the beauty of your country with us Mayra ! Viva el Peru!

-Mansi Parasher


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