Be a part of something amazing!

In late August, we came across a fellow named Diego who was passionate about photography and video making. I remember sitting down with Mayra (lovely lady from the Peruvian SIA team), and Diego, talking about what we would like to portray in our promotional video. This turned into a very meaningful conversation about what SIA does for people. Do we help people realize something? Do we give them an opportunity to gain personal growth? We had to figure out what it was that gives people amazing memories each time they come to Peru with SIA.

One thing we all came in agreement with was the quote “Sustainability is created by bringing leaders together to inspire change”… hmmmm… what does this mean? Do we automatically attract leaders? Maybe.. but SIA helps with empowering people to become future leaders! I don’t think I was aware of my leadership skills until I emerged myself into an experience that was out of my comfort zone.

Inspiring change…inspiring change… it makes sense! Think about how many different minds,opinions and perspectives come across SIA when so many wonderful people join us. You can go your entire life looking at something one way..and one person can come across your life and make you see it in a whole different way. So we’re waiting for your new ideas!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

There were a few things that happened this summer as a result of fresh ideas in someone’s mind.

English class in July


Day care
Day care


new monkey bars!
new monkey bars!

Check out our video on page! I hope it speaks to you, the same way it does to me.

-Mansi Parasher


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