I am sure most of us, at some point, have said, “I want to be a child again.”

Today, was all about fun and play. The participants got down and dirty with all the children. The day care children also joined us in the play ground with the Youth in action kids. The theme for today’s Youth in action was, “What a wonderful world,” and the children did arts and crafts relating to the world. They also sang the song “What a wonderful world”, alongside Daniel, who played the guitar and the participants who danced and sang.

The group was feeling chilly so they decided to warm up.
Ann and Sylvia taking the children from the day care out for recess.
Youth in action

IMG_7819 IMG_7825 IMG_7949 IMG_7854 The day cay gives women the opportunity to leave their children in an educational environment, and its beautiful to see these kids get more active day by day, feeling more comfortable and learning more and more everydayIMG_7856

IMG_7921It was beautiful to see these participants get so involved with the children. I know they were doing it all with love and care.

The kid's art
The kid’s art

-Mansi Parasher



“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Today, I felt LOVE. Love,was in the eyes of the home owner Margarita, who invited us into her home. Love, was in the food that the ladies made us. Love, was also in the music that we all got to dance to. Love, was seen in our volunteers with their big smiles and laughter. IMG_7785 IMG_7734 IMG_7738 IMG_7792We all walked to the cross on top of Pacifico and I think it was the first time, the group shot was of silly faces. I think it is just a reflection of how much energy this group brings into Pacifico.

IMG_7713Going back to the quote at the beginning of this blog; the love that we receive coming into Pacifico definitely gives us the strength we need to achieve our goals for the community. Loving them back is just our appreciation for they show us courage every single day.

Mansi Parasher





Group activities

Wesley shared his amazement as we walked down Pacifico after doing some house visitations. He was shocked by their humble attitude and the pride they take in their life styles. The group spent beautiful moments talking to home owners today, asking them about their life and just getting to know them better. I am glad SIA has been able to build such trust with people in the community, that they feel comfortable sharing a part of their life with us.


As calming and emotional this experience was, there were many active and exciting aspects of the day as well. The children introduced the group to new games, such as Octopus and “Germs & Soap” that were played outside. The group also did various activities with the Youth in Action children inside. They all became kids while participating in these games. IMG_7695IMG_7687IMG_7684IMG_7678On this Sunday morning, the group is participating in a mass service that happens in the community, and sharing these special moments with the people of Pacifico will bring us all closer.

-Mansi Parasher

Endings and beginnings

IMG_7231IMG_7546IMG_7224 IMG_7251 IMG_7255 IMG_7263 IMG_7268We had to say goodbye to the Waterloo group today, and the Youth in action children made it a special goodbye. They sang a song for the group and gave out precious hand written cards.

IMG_7531 IMG_7537 IMG_7560 IMG_7570It is always hard to say bye to something you’ve put your heart into. The thought of something not being a routine anymore, and something as special as the children of Pacifico. But even though we said “See you later” to one group, another group arrived with great excitement.

We welcomed a new group to Pacifico with great songs and games! They brought along with them, a great vibe of positivity.

IMG_7621 IMG_7616 IMG_7618The waterloo group left us with great ideas for a new sustainable construction project. I am excited to see how things turn out this week. Stay tuned.

Mansi Parasher


A productive week

A lot of tears were seen yesterday as we said bye to one of our committed volunteers who has been with us for two months. Seeing her say goodbye to the children in Youth in Action was heartbreaking; the kids didn’t want to let her go. These are the strong relationships everyone has built over their time spent with the community.

Today was the day of the garbage event! All the children of Youth in action came together to do a mass garbage cleanup from all the near by areas. The Waterloo volunteer group worked alongside the children helping them fill bags and bring them over to the big garbage dump. The importance of washing hands was shown through a hand washing station.

The children even made the effort to clean up near the river that gets “trashed” by residents everyday. This water runs into the ocean and causes countless amount of sicknesses.

The children are surrounded by all sorts of negativity, yet the passion and drive to make a change shows such positivity.

Due to technical difficulties, photos can not be posted right now but stay tuned for photo updates today!

The Waterloo group has done a Garbage event, constructed stairs for a dump, put in garbage posts, ran youth in action program and constructed a pathway for a hill. I am so proud of the work that has been done in just one week.

Not to mention the day care program is a hit! The few children that have been committed from day one seem to really enjoy coming in everyday. Heather Law and the team plan amazing activities for these children to get their mind and body working all day!


-Mansi Parasher

(Photos coming soon)