Getting dirty is expected when you step into Pacifico. Today it more than usual because the group and I worked on the construction for the new room at Pronoie. A lot of cement was mixed, things were hammered away, wood was broken, and overall, a lot of demolition. The construction team was mostly girl participants, and the Peruvians were happy to see that. IMG_8262As we sat with the local community women after dinner today, they appreciated the girl’s hard work and they also mentioned that they don’t see many women working away with large hammers. A lot of things were molded together today, and I am not just talking about the pillars we added for the wall foundation. IMG_8283Today, the group got to hear the stories from local women who have been living in Pacifico for many years. I saw as their stories inspired participants, and many questions and answers were also thrown around. One of the questions that was really eye opening was very simple. “Is the biggest concern in Pacifico right now, water?” All of the community members shook their head at once saying yes. Water is something we take for granted in Canada and don’t think about twice because its so easy to access.

I think this gathering was really special and important for the participants because they got to hear about the Pacifico that they never experienced.

-Mansi Parasher



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