Daniel’s birthday today, and the kids sang for him.

Things are so much better when they are colorful. I doubt any of us stop to appreciate the color of something in our busy lives. Today, as I watched the children sit on the ground with a plate full of different paint colors, I saw their creativity shine through. They used their fingers, and went crazy on a big piece of paper. All these bright colors, even if they weren’t creating any single image, still made my heart so happy. Colors fill our lives with joy and happiness.IMG_8208When I was at the day care today, I noticed how much, colors play a role in a child’s life. The little ones rolled around play dough that was bright red, and did puzzles that were full of colorful images. IMG_8158 IMG_8140 IMG_8149When I look out into Pacifico I see dirt roads and no plants, no colorful fences or cars. But I do see the effort people have put into their own little homes, adding colorful walls and roofs. A little bit of paint can brighten up your day, which might slightly explain the smiles on these people. (It might be 2% of the reason, but it might be a reason).

Color shows me hope, color shows me happiness, and color shows me pride.

As I sat with Ann (Larry Shuttleworth’s lovely mother), I asked her what she saw today, and how her day was. She managed to sum up SIA and it’s team into some simple words. IMG_8164“I see initiative, I see ideas, I see genuineness and I see planning.” She was shocked by the way all our participants are so excited day by day to put in their thoughts and ideas into developing new ideas for any project that they work for.

Colorful minds with lots of ability.

-Mansi Parasher



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