Clean up

Whenever I have overwhelming experiences, and feel stressed out, I simply clean. Cleaning is a therapy to me, and I believe it can be for many people. It makes sense, when nothing is going your way, you can see the results of your actions by cleaning. Clean surroundings help you in many ways, mentally and physically…but that just might be “my thing.”

Today, a group of us spent our morning picking out “pretty rocks” to put around the plants, so we could clean up the playground a little and make it look better. It might not be the biggest change, but the smallest things make the biggest differences. Soon enough, the children started helping us pick up garbage around the playground and collecting rocks.

IMG_7996 IMG_7980 IMG_7995Speaking of cleaning, we also took down a classroom at Pronoie today. The side room is being taken down to be rebuilt into a proper classroom. It was a rush, hammering down walls and big pieces of wood that hold up the ceiling. IMG_8078


All I witnessed were happy, smiling faces at the end of the long busy day. We ended the night with a dinner together in Barranco, at a near by restaurant. The participants explored different kinds of foods like Anticucho (Cow heart), Cheetah fish (still not sure what it is), Ceviche (raw fish dish), and much more.

Everyone is open to change, I really admire that.

-Mansi Parasher



One thought on “Clean up

  1. Wow!!! The playground looks so clean. Beautiful!! Great to see these little leaders taking charge and ownership for their community. Brought a smile to my face and to my heart. Beautiful!!!

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