I am sure most of us, at some point, have said, “I want to be a child again.”

Today, was all about fun and play. The participants got down and dirty with all the children. The day care children also joined us in the play ground with the Youth in action kids. The theme for today’s Youth in action was, “What a wonderful world,” and the children did arts and crafts relating to the world. They also sang the song “What a wonderful world”, alongside Daniel, who played the guitar and the participants who danced and sang.

The group was feeling chilly so they decided to warm up.
Ann and Sylvia taking the children from the day care out for recess.
Youth in action

IMG_7819 IMG_7825 IMG_7949 IMG_7854 The day cay gives women the opportunity to leave their children in an educational environment, and its beautiful to see these kids get more active day by day, feeling more comfortable and learning more and more everydayIMG_7856

IMG_7921It was beautiful to see these participants get so involved with the children. I know they were doing it all with love and care.

The kid's art
The kid’s art

-Mansi Parasher


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