“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Today, I felt LOVE. Love,was in the eyes of the home owner Margarita, who invited us into her home. Love, was in the food that the ladies made us. Love, was also in the music that we all got to dance to. Love, was seen in our volunteers with their big smiles and laughter. IMG_7785 IMG_7734 IMG_7738 IMG_7792We all walked to the cross on top of Pacifico and I think it was the first time, the group shot was of silly faces. I think it is just a reflection of how much energy this group brings into Pacifico.

IMG_7713Going back to the quote at the beginning of this blog; the love that we receive coming into Pacifico definitely gives us the strength we need to achieve our goals for the community. Loving them back is just our appreciation for they show us courage every single day.

Mansi Parasher






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