Group activities

Wesley shared his amazement as we walked down Pacifico after doing some house visitations. He was shocked by their humble attitude and the pride they take in their life styles. The group spent beautiful moments talking to home owners today, asking them about their life and just getting to know them better. I am glad SIA has been able to build such trust with people in the community, that they feel comfortable sharing a part of their life with us.


As calming and emotional this experience was, there were many active and exciting aspects of the day as well. The children introduced the group to new games, such as Octopus and “Germs & Soap” that were played outside. The group also did various activities with the Youth in Action children inside. They all became kids while participating in these games. IMG_7695IMG_7687IMG_7684IMG_7678On this Sunday morning, the group is participating in a mass service that happens in the community, and sharing these special moments with the people of Pacifico will bring us all closer.

-Mansi Parasher


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