Endings and beginnings

IMG_7231IMG_7546IMG_7224 IMG_7251 IMG_7255 IMG_7263 IMG_7268We had to say goodbye to the Waterloo group today, and the Youth in action children made it a special goodbye. They sang a song for the group and gave out precious hand written cards.

IMG_7531 IMG_7537 IMG_7560 IMG_7570It is always hard to say bye to something you’ve put your heart into. The thought of something not being a routine anymore, and something as special as the children of Pacifico. But even though we said “See you later” to one group, another group arrived with great excitement.

We welcomed a new group to Pacifico with great songs and games! They brought along with them, a great vibe of positivity.

IMG_7621 IMG_7616 IMG_7618The waterloo group left us with great ideas for a new sustainable construction project. I am excited to see how things turn out this week. Stay tuned.

Mansi Parasher



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