Basta de basura

IMG_6993Solidarity; the youth of Pacifico de Villa coming together to create awareness and implement new living practices in their homes. As I stood back and watched some of the “kids” I’ve been working with for weeks, I was taken back by their sense of leadership and their passion. Couple weeks ago, they addressed the problem of garbage in their own backyards. Since then, its been long hours of meeting everyday and working on the event.IMG_6998

“We are made from mother earth, it is no longer enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace and live in peace.”

I once learned about “the story of stuff project”, in class. The short video spoke of the meaningless consumerism we practice in the world today, which in return, creates more garbage in our areas. One of the main things it talked about was making a change. The first step to making a change is, the main idea…what do you want to do? Step one has already been taken by these youth leaders of Pacifico de Villa.IMG_7022

Veronica, a committed leader of Leaders de Villa, expressed her feelings after the event and she was so proud of all their work because the community members were thanking her for her presentation.

I can only imagine what the future of Leaders de Villa program will be. They can be the change they wish to see in Pacifico.IMG_6985


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