On Sunday July 14th, we departed for Cuzco. After wrapping up the amazing week in Pacifico it was time for us to explore another part of Peru!

It was Daniels first trip also!
It was Daniels first trip also!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Apolo who took us to our retreat house, where we would spend the rest of our day drinking coca tea and acclimatizing to the high altitude. We also needed to prepare for the early morning ahead of us.

We began our journey to macchu pichu at 3am with a bumpy bus ride to a train station which would get us closer to the town of aquas calientes and macchu pichu.

After some fun conversations and a final bus ride up, we were given a tour of the lost city. We learned many things about the Incas including their ways of life, religion and cuisine.
The afternoon included shopping at the many markets in aquas calientes where the participants could practice bargaining firsthand.
The evening ended with warm soup as temperatures dropped below freezing in Cuzco city at night.

Our final day in Cuzco began with wonderful sun shine and smiling, happy participants. We drove up the mountains for a picturesque morning of horseback riding. This was the highlight for many of us.

DSCF9188DSCF9190At the top of the mountain, we also explored a cave!

We spent the afternoon exploring Cuzco city and ended the night with a traditional Peruvian dinner and entertainment.

Just like that, our time in Cuzco flew quicker than we could imagine.
Goodbye Peru and thanks for a memorable two weeks! I’m certain many of us will be back soon.

– Jamila Satani


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