Leaving Pacifico


That word describes this group, best. We had ages varying from 21 years old up until 84 years old. But somehow, everyone worked together so well.

Everyone is taking off for Cusco in the morning. They are all taking with them, lots of memories and a sense of accomplishment. With Cusco in their minds, and Pacifico in their hearts, they set out for a new experience. After yesterday’s successful event, we were all excited to visit the community today for hopefully not the last time. We had a small farewell ceremony with community members, participants and translators. There was music, food and lots of children!

Jhoselyn and Jamila during yesterdays event.
Jhoselyn and Jamila

It was very humbling to see everyone spend time with the people they have made connections with. The kids were sad to leave the participants, there were a lot of hugs and kisses being shared. They showed us a kind of love that can’t be shown through words.

The final dinner was a good recap of the entire week, because the participants laughed and “awwww’d” at the slideshow Julie, Heather and I put together for them.

Pictures can only say so much about the experience. We go through life, missing the little things, being busy with our own schedules…and these kids taught us how to play again, how to live a little. IMG_1357

IMG_1497IMG_1503I hope it is not the last time that these volunteers visit Pacifico de Villa.


I am Thankful to the following people for always having an open mind and putting in their best of efforts, everyday.

-Larry shuttleworth, Avantika Mathur, Nabila Kanji, Heather Law, Julie Ingriselli, Alex thompson, Guillermo Serpa, Diego Gutierrez, Jhoselyn Manturano, Daniel Contrerras and Jose Remierez.


Cusco welcomes all the participants.

-Mansi Parasher




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