Our day had an interesting start, it involved at least 6 to 7 people holding brooms and creating an assembly line that looked like a dance recital. We walked into the community center in Pacifico and it had been flooded from the rain. Brooms were the only thing available, so we made the most of the situation. Everyone worked together to get the place ready for the event at 2 pm today.

The after math
The after math

It was truly amazing to see how everything came together today. Posters, gift bags, prizes, presentations, and much more were put together by our group.

Jamila, explaining her station
Jamila, explaining her station

I also learned today that the community is just as excited as us, to see change for a better tomorrow. So many people came out to the event and everyone participated in learning about each of the stations that we had set up.

They learned about the benefits of having proper hand washing practices, they learned about germs and better sewage alternatives, and the children learned about cleanliness by cleaning up the local park and filling up at least 20 bags of garbage!

Alex, with the children, cleaning up the park
Alex, with the children, cleaning up the park


(left to right) Julie, Jhoselyn, Me, and Jose.
(left to right) Julie, Jhoselyn, Me, and Jose.

Everyone returned home at the end of the day, very happy and very satisfied by the way the event went. There were raffle prizes, and the community members won things likes garbage posts, water buckets, hygiene gift bags, and more.

At the end of the day, it was nice to sit down with the community members and have dinner together.

Even though there were ups and downs to the day, it was a very successful day. I am truly proud of each and everyone for the accomplishments they have made in this past week.

Tomorrow, the group has to say goodbye to the community. Or a “See you later”…?

– Mansi Parasher



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