Inspiring new minds

Everyone came here with different ideas of what it would be like to volunteer with SIA. Today, the group got their first taste of the community and everyone had different thoughts about the day. Lets flash forward to the end of the day discussion…when the group was told to think of ONE word to describe what they were feeling at the moment. Gina, who is passionate about spirituality and energies, told us that her word was, “Synergy”. Everything the group was feeling, seeing and interacting with, was in fact, mutual and in tune.

Tina, a participant, spoke of the beauty she saw when she first laid eyes on Pacifico. |It is a different kind of beauty.” When we think of the word “Beautiful,” we don’t think of a shanty town, with dirt roads.

The group got to see the community centre, where they got to know each other a little better by playing a game of “human knot.” Everyone joined another person’s hand creating a jungle of arms in the middle, not knowing where this knot begins or ends. The task was to come out in a complete circle without letting go of anyone’s hand. After 25 minutes of struggling to communicate and almost getting a full circle untangled…a beautiful sentence was shared by a participant. “Sometimes, you just have to let go.” At that moment, everyone let go of each others hands and cheered for the victory of letting lose. Letting go doesn’t mean you’ve given up, letting go can mean that you’re moving towards something greater.

A beautiful moment shared by a participant, and it involved her eating a pear. Sounds odd, right? Why is this even being mentioned? There is a deeper meaning to all this. We all received a pear with our lunches. She doesn’t like pears, she never buys pears, she never eats pears, in fact, she has not eaten one in years. She looked around to see if she could switch it with someone, shortly realizing that we all had pears. It wasn’t until she took her first bite of that pear, that she realized, it was absolutely delicious. Her word for the night was, “positive”. We deny so many things in life due to negative thoughts. Why not just try something new?
Everyone is ready to get started, open up their minds, and jump right into this two week adventure that SIA has to offer.

Stay tuned for pictures and get to know these participants better.

Mansi Parasher


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