An update in pictures: A glimpse into the week that was in Lima… – Part 1

We have had an excellent and very successful week. The week began with an introduction into the Virgen del Rosario Medical Centre and concluded with the Pacifico de Villa general assembly. We were able to speak with all of our program partners for May and with other individuals and institutions within Pacifico de Villa and the surrounding area, who are working towards a brighter future for Pacifico de Villa and the surrounding area.

The week’s highlights included: Tuesday – meeting with Graciela Nieta, Executive Director of a newly developed medical centre in San Genero, attending Thalia Tacsa’s (Pacifico de Villa) dance class. Thursday – We met with the new doctor of the Pacifico de Villa medical post, and the wonderful promoters. Over lunch we met with Marta from one of the comedores (soup kitchens), and an inspirational conversation with Daniel Contreras. Friday – We finished the week with a workshop on Teaching Practices and Program Planning .

The week that was…

Part #1

L Shuttleworth


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