Day #1 – Graciela: An inspiration

A busy first day: A good start in preparation for the next few months

Within a few hours of arriving to Lima, I just had time to unpack and track down a few voltage converters before Javier Bazan, Regional Manager of SIA Peru called. Javier had a arranged for me and him to meet with Graciela Nieto the Executive Director from Virgen del Rosario, a new medical centre located in San Genero, just fifteen minutes from Pacifico de Villa. Many of you who have traveled with SIA may remember Graciela. Graciela Nieto is a dentist from San Genero and she has been assisting us with various health campaigns. Most recently she guided the very successful dental hygiene campaign in Pacifico de Villa, led by students from the University of Waterloo. Graciela, Javier and I shared a wonderful Peruvian meal, Pollo a la brasa (Roasted chicken with fries and salad), as we mulled over the developments in the area of health over the last few months, and discussed the impending health projects for the year.

While discussing the different ideas that Graciela shared, I was impressed by the passion and care that she showed. Having recently developed a medical centre is San Genero, Graciela is excited to continue to provide a high level of medical care to a population that struggles to receive adequate care in the public institutions. Graciela is one of those people who can bring change and development to her own community. It was inspiring to see her determination.

I spent the rest of the evening speaking with Javier, as he brought me up to date on the developments that have taken place in Pacifico de Villa, the land surveying, the new president, etc. We discussed the progress made on our various projects and spoke about the the projects we are developing this year. We spent the remaining time finalizing the meeting dates and the schedule for the next few days. We have arranged a tight schedule, which should allow us to meet with all our partners, who will be working with us in the coming month, by Tuesday.

L Shuttleworth

Javier Bazan picked me up shortly after I arrived in Lima.
Javier Bazan picked me up shortly after I arrived in Lima.

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