Getting ready for 2013

Dear SIA community,

As we look at our number of blog views we are continually reminded of the interest that is shown by the SIA community regarding our attempt to motivate and empower through our international development work. As I head to South America for a number of months, we have been given an opportunity to share with you all the developments that take place and the many lessons that the SIA Peru team, the SIA leaders and our wonderful volunteers will learn. It is my hope that over the next few months we will be able to provide you with an accurate depiction of our work through Developing Together. We hope to provide you with stories written both by and about our local SIA team, Canadian volunteers, the local residents, and the many other highlights that we experience. We hope that this forum will provide you with the insight outlining this enriching and worthwhile experience that we are fortunate to embark on every day.

We look forward to sharing the next few months with you and we hope that we will see you in South America one of these days!

We have had trouble with the internet at the retreat house the past few days, and so I leave you with a well-known photo from 2012.

L Shuttleworth

–          Building a community of inspired and motivated individuals… Developing Together

Eric poses with Ruth (far right) and her friends during the SIA program in May 2012.

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