On The Way Home – A New Perspective

We remember arriving at Lima airport only a short 14 days ago, and now we are only a couple hours away from Canada. Before departing for this trip, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we were very excited to begin our 2 week adventure. We were able to spend a day in the community where they welcomed us with traditional meals, song and dance, and graciously welcomed us into their homes. Here we were able to see how they live their everyday lives. We are now more appreciative of what we have back at home and realize that having a strong community of friends and family is more important than the materialistic things that surround us in our everyday lives. This trip has truly been life changing for all of us in a number of different ways. A lot of us were able to work in areas we want to pursue in our careers as a result many of us concluded that we are on the right career path and are now more motivated to work towards these goals. Being able to interact with the community and children on a more personal level made this trip special. Usually when you go to another country you don’t get to know the people of that area the way we were able to on this trip.

By going on this trip we were each able to apply our own knowledge and skills within the placements we volunteered in. For the students who want to peruse the career of being a teacher, they were able to use what they have learned in courses and apply it in the classroom and the daycare. This helped them gain confidence in the classroom, and give them opportunities to create fun lesson plans for the students to learn English. And as for construction, we were able to get right in there with the community members, and help them make the cement and move the rocks. At home you wouldn’t be able to just pick up a shovel and start digging a hole to build another classroom. It was very rewarding to see the final product of the wall at the end of the week and knowing that our own hands helped build something that is so important to them.

We know and understand that coming home will have its difficulties, by having to adjust to a new schedule and having to explain our emotions and our experiences knowing that it will be hard to fully understand on the same emotional, physical and mental level that we have gone through these past two weeks. Overall this trip experience has been rewarding, educational, life changing and it will stay in our memories forever.


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