An Introduction to May Peru 2012

Hola from Peru! We are the May Peru trip leaders Jess and Holly.  We have had an incredible first few days and are excited to have started placements.  We have had the wonderful opportunity of being able to watch the participants experience new relationships, new opportunities, and immerse themselves in the Peruvian culture.  This week we are working on the construction of a daycare in Pacifico de Villa, as well as assisting at Laura Alva Saldana; a school for children with exceptionalities, and teaching English to children at Juan Pablo and Cristo Rey schools.  I (Jess) have been working at Laura Alva Saldana with four participants, where I would assist them with communicating with the teachers and students.  While I (Holly) have been working at Juan Pablo and Cristo Rey, assisting participants as they teach children English at the primary and secondary level.  We would like to turn it over to a few of our participants, as they will be sharing some of their experiences this week.  We encourage you to follow along with us on our amazing journey.

In solidarity,

Jess and Holly


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