Celebrating Latin Education in Canada: The Association of Canadian Hispanic Teachers

On Saturday, February 18th, one hundred teachers, parents, social workers, professors and other members of the Latin American community packed into a University of Toronto, O.I.S.E (Ontario Institute classroom). These stakeholders met to discuss the education of their Latin American students and children, they came from Toronto and the surrounding areas. The event was organised by the Asociacion de Profesores Hispanos-Canadienses (The Association of Spanish-Canadian Teachers). It marked the eight conference organised by the Association.

Hispanic-Canadians face similar challenges that many new immigrant families face in Canada. Parents do an admirable job balancing their work and their family lives as they orient themselves to the new culture and the new language. This conference allowed the Latin American community to celebrate the steps being taken by parents, educators and local organisations in the Greater Toronto Areas to help advance the development and education of their youth.

Presenters included, Sabrina Mendez and Marta Pizon from the radio station, Voces Latinas, (The Voice of the Communidad 1610 AM), Teach 2 Learn (a program that helps at-risk students succeed at school). We also heard from various Latin American students who were granted scholarships by the Asociacion de Profesores Hispanos-Canadienses for their high academic standing.

The conference included an awards ceremony. Solidarity in Action was selected to receive the award in International Community Development work, for our international  development projects in Peru and Ecuador.

The Asociacion de Profesores Hispanos-Canadienses looks to promote the diverse Spanish cultures evident in the communities in Toronto and the surrounding area. One of their main objectives is to provide Hispanic-Canadians with scholarships that will them these students to pursue a post secondary education.

L. Shuttleworth

More than 100 parents, educators and local community organisations participated in the conference.
Larry Shuttleworth receives the award on behalf of Solidarity in Action Inc. for SIA's International Community Development work.
"The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself." - Giovanni Rufini. Larry Shuttleworth urges the conference attendees to take their candles into the darkness and to light up the world.
Oscar Ortiz entertains the conference attendees with short stories and Latin American riddles. The attendees are brought together; the cultural similarities surprise the attendees. More than fifteen Latin American countries were represented at the conference.

For more photos visit our facebook page, Solidarity in Action.


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