A Letter from Peru: “Christmas in Lima”

Our streets are filled with lights at the beginning of December. We don’t have any snow, but we like to enjoy a beautiful view, like that.

Everyone wants to give something special like a present or a gift, but the size, brand, and price is not important. In Peru, many people make their gifts with their own hands.

We celebrate Christmas on December 24th at midnight, so families and friends visit each other during the day and finish the hard work of leaving their presents under the tree. The true art of Peruvian cooking unfolds on this day, as everyone is a chef at heart and they focus on the preparation of the Christmas dinner.

As night falls, dinner is served. Lots of dishes and delicious food are displayed like art on the table, and an opening prayer sets the tone for the evening. Everyone has the opportunity to give thanks for being together, being in good health, having food on the table and, most importantly, to share together. On the other hand, as the fireworks brighten the sky, the bravest children and adults have fun together waiting until midnight, the peak of the celebration. This time fills everyone with joy, because baby Jesus gives us hope that we can achieve all the best and good with great intensity. The children each receive a present, which are normally opened at the same instant so the whole family can see their faces radiate joy and surprise.

Mayra Bazan (SIA Peru, Lima)


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