A growing community: The impact of the work of SIA as shared by Javier Bazan

Welcome back!
Last week you were introduced to Javier Bazan SIA’s Popular Man on the Ground. This week as we continue our series we are bringing you thoughts that Javier Bazan shared with us on his views of solidarity and the work of Solidarity in Action. His words always seem to inspire.

It is very difficult to remember all the great moments that we have shared with the many people who have been involved in our programs because there have been so many wonderful moments. The moments that we have shared have combined a friendship, which have helped those involved help others while at the same time experiencing their own personal development.

The [participants] who come great distances to help, have left traces and their footprints, in the hearts of the people they have helped. The experience has been reciprocal as those who have received the aid have left footprints on the hearts of all the people who have shared a life of solidarity with us.

Along with the joys that this type of life brings, it is not without its challenges. It is hard when I think back and remember, that along this journey, at times the fingerprint we have left for one reason or another, has been that we have not been able to help.The experience allows/ forces many people to reflect on questions about the existence of human kind. I am left to consider, why is it that a child does not have food to eat? Why are many children faced with abusive households? Why are people treated with indifference?

[As an organisation] I am happy about the walk that we are on. It is satisfying to know that we are advancing; that step by step, Solidarity in Action, is growing stronger. We are going to continue to develop and to help more people experience solidarity. Together we will continue to help one another; we must not let this chain of solidarity come to an end. A steel chain acts as an effective analogy for solidarity. A chain gains strength as more components are added to it. The metal begins as aluminum, it then hardens into iron, and it eventually becomes steel, which is almost indestructible. Like a chain, solidarity grows stronger as more aspects are added. In another way solidarity acts as a chain, as it links people to one another, and it looks to continue to maintain these links. Together we must work together and ensure this chain continues to grow.
I am pleased with the strong team of Solidarity in Action that we have and the steps that we have taken [in Peru and Ecuador]. We are building strong partnerships and with the blessing of God we will continue to grow.

I congratulate all of the volunteers, university students, adults, friends and brothers, who have become part of our community. We miss you all and continue to follow the footsteps that you have taken with us.

I appreciate every opportunity that we have experienced in the communities, with the people in Peru, and Ecuador. These varied experiences have taught me the meaning of sharing and have helped me to build stronger relationships.

Finally, I want to thank all those who work and continue to work for the welfare of children and who look to put smiles on the children they work with: those who help to make the communities better.

We continue to have many challenges, but I have often said that we may not change individuals’ economic situations, but we can help by sharing, by living a life of solidarity. In this life we can all give something of ourselves to others. We can all contribute. I hope that I never lose the natural instincts of man always to be supportive.

Greetings and we look forward to seeing you in Peru and Ecuador.

Javier Bazan
SIA Regional Coordinator (Peru and Ecuador)

“quiero decirte que es muy dificil y grande recordar todos aquellos momentos de compartir con las personas a traves de una combinacion de amistad,ayuda para ellos y ayuda para otros.
a pesar de que en el camino hemos dejado muchas huellas.
huellas en el corazon de todos aquellos que llegan desde tan lejos ha ayudar,huellas en el que recibe la ayuda,huellas en las personas que han compartido LA SOLIDARIDAD.,junto a nosotros.
A veces es tan dificil recordar por que en el camino hay que dejar huellas en aquellos que a veces no podemos ayudar,por uno u otro motivo,no todo es felicidad.
a veces te preguntas muchas cosas sobre la existencia,quiees saber por que pasan muchas cosas,como por ejemplo que un niño no tenga para comer,o que reciba indifirencia o que reciba abusos,entonces viene la impotencia.
me alegra,satisface y me hace feliz,saber que estamos avanzando,que solidarity in action es una realidad caminando,paso a paso fuerte y que va ir creciendo y en un momento solo ayudaremos a mucha gente que sienta lo que es solidaridad.
y la ayudaremos y juntos haremos la cadena de solidaridad que no debe de acabar si no hacerse  un metal fuerte,que primero de aluminio,luego de fierro y al final de acero indestrutible.
me gusta que ahora seamos un equipo y que podemos trabajar mas,me gusta que tenemos aliados estrategicos,que donde vamos con la bendicion de dios nos quieiren,y reciben con su corazon.
felicito a todos aquellos jovenes ,adultos ,amigos voluntarios hermanos que ya se han convertido en parte de nuestra realidad,que extrañamos y que continuan en las huellas de las que hablamos.
agradezco la oportunidad de las experiencias en cada comunidad y pueblo en peru,ecuador y por supuesto que me han enseñado mucho.el compartir y la relacion con ellos fueron grandes.
para terminar solo me queda felicitar a todos aquellos que trabajamos y continuamos trabajando por que las sonrisas y el bienestar de aquellos niños y madres de las comunidades siga siendo mejor.
muchas veces he dicho,no podemos cambiar su situacion economica pero si ayudarlos y compartir SOLIDARIDAD,algo que brota en el que tiene o no tiene, todos podemos dar algo de lo que somos.
saludos y nos vemos en peru y ecuador

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Javier (bottom right) poses with Rotary club, student volunteers and community members

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