The distribution in Pacifico de Villa

When we arrived eighty people were waiting inside the community centre of Pacifico de Villa, waiting to receive the water filters. A team of Rotarians, including current president Ken Clay and past president Rosanna Carlini arrived in Pacifico de Villa ready to distribute the 140 filters.Handing over 140 filters, a daunting task for many was handled with such organisation and care by the Rotary Club.

The distribution began with Rosanna expressing her joy at being able to visit Pacifico de Villa and thanking the community for receiving their Rotary club. She then explained how the filters were to be maintained to maximize their performance. The filters which consist of a plastic bucket and a specialised pot. The water runs through the pot and collects in the bucket. The filter is said cut down 98% of the germs in the water and if maintained carefully the filters will last up to four years. Following Rosanna’s words the Rotary Club began the distribution of the filters. With an ease of purpose, care and determination the Rotary Club handed out the filters. Each person on the list was given a filter in return for 10 soles. Members of the Rotary Club were on hand to assist with the training in the use of the filters. Concerned community members who had heard abou

t the filters, but who were not yet on a list, relaxed when they were assured that they would receive a filter. In other cases families who had not brought the money with them were happy to find out that the next distribution would take place within the next two weeks. By 12:30 the Rotary Club had handled out 140 filters, and promised to return to distribute filters to the remaining families who would like a filter.

It was a very successful day. The Rotary Club was a joy to work with. Along with providing the filters the club’s experience working and living with the Peruvian people was a great help in insuring that all needs of the people were met.

Thank you very much to the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise and Ricardo Grados of Cristo Rey School for such a successful distribution. It was a pleasure to partner with you during this project.

We look forward to your next visit to Pacifico!

I have included some photos of the distribution.


L. Shuttleworth

Lima Sunrise Rotary Club prepare to distribute water filters
Solidarity in Action's Larry Shuttleworth explains how to maintain the filters and community members look on.
Lima Sunrise, Cristo Rey and Larry and Javier pose with the community executive Luis Serna (top left), Francisco Pizarro (top right - second to the right and Domingo)

For more photos visit, Thank you Meagan Pagitt from Lima Sunrise for posting the great photos on photobucket!


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