SIA, Rotary and Cristo Rey bring water to Pacífico

During a community meeting in the shantytown of Pacífico de Villa, Javier, Solidarity in Action (SIA) Peru’s Regional Coordinator explained the possibility. Heads turned, families began to chat excitedly as they learned about the opportunity to have access to clean water. Water filters arranged by the Sunrise Rotary Club of Lima and SIA would allow families to have two litres of water every 30 minutes. The water filters are guaranteed for two years, require minimum maintenance and if looked after properly, can last up to five years.

Many people throughout Lima struggle to have regular access to water. Even when they do have access to water, they need to treat or boil it before it can be safely consumed. Many people spend hours a day just preparing their water before it can be used.

Solidarity in Action, the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise and Cristo Rey School in Chorrillos, Peru have partnered together to provide 140 natural water filters to families in Pacífico de Villa at a discounted and affordable price. The Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise had access to 200 water filters. They had attained these water filters and wanted to provide them to the people in Lima in the lower economic bracket (classified as D and E under Peru’s classification system) at a discounted price of 10 soles (roughly US$3.25).

The Rotary Club had received the water filters months before, but they had struggled to find the best way to distribute them to populations in the greatest need. SIA, through founding member and Board member, Angus Shuttleworth, who is also a Rotarian and a member of the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore, offered a solution. When visiting the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise during his recent trip to Peru, Angus heard about these filters and he immediately knew that SIA would be able to find people who could benefit from the water filters. He was sure that the filters would offer a sustainable solution to the water shortage problems for the people of Pacífico de Villa. SIA began the steps to have the water filters sent to Pacífico.

Following the community meeting, Javier, left sign-up sheets with Luis Serna and the Pacífico de Villa leaders. Within two days, 120 people had signed up to receive a water filter. Yesterday, Friday August 19, Ricardo Grados, education director at Cristo Rey School and a good friend of SIA and the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise, arranged for the drop off 140 water filters to the community centre in Pacifico de Villa.

Tomorrow, members from the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise will participate in the delivery of the water filters to the families of Pacífico.

Follow us on Twitter tomorrow (@VolunteerSIA) as we deliver water filters to families in Pacífico de Villa.

L. Shuttleworth

Recently, SIA's Larry and Javier delivered a water filter like the ones that will be available to people in the shantytown of Pacífico de Villa.

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