Sparkling Smiles

Suitcases of toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss in hand, we set off for Pacifico de Villa (in Chorrillos) this morning to begin our dental hygiene campaign. In Pacifico, the lack of access to dentists for regular check-ups and the fluoride-free water has taken a toll on many. Thanks to all the generous donors we had in Canada, over a hundred toothbrushes were distributed in the community and with the help of our volunteers, the kids practiced using them.

The organized chaos of the hygiene campaign was followed by less organized chaos as we ventured out to a fun-park on the outskirts of Lima with close to 90 kids from Pacifico de Villa.

The afternoon of climbing on the play structures, playing soccer, seeing the animals in the zoo and riding the paddle boats was a first-time experience for many of the kids. The language barrier didn’t prevent the children from making an impression on everyone in our Canadian group. Some of the kids took advantage of the opportunity to show how high they could count in English, or teach us the Spanish words they deemed most important for beginners to know (ball, brother, shark, etc).

Inspired by the energy, sincerity and curiosity of these kids, look forward to seeing many of them again tomorrow and during the week ahead when we start our volunteer placements in and around Pacifico de Villa.

Hasta luego!

Sarah demonstrates teethbrushing.

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