Hemos Llegado! (We’ve arrived!)

We arrived at La casa de la Espiritualidad Retreat House last night about 10pm after a long day of flights and airports. We whisked by San Salvador, El Salvador on the way to Lima, Peru.

Upon arrival we were greeted by, among others, Javier, SIA’s Regional Coordinator, Peru and Larry, Director/Member of the Board. Javier lives in Surco Viejo, Lima and works hard between trips coordinating projects and maintaining a close relationship with the communities we work with.

La casa de la Espiritualidad Retreat House, our humble lodgings for most of the next two weeks, is a multi-room residence with some common areas. There are two other groups here with us for the time being, including one group that has taken a vow of silence. We’ve been told that if we say ‘hola’ to strangers here and they don’t respond, not to be offended.

Yesterday was a big day for Peru. Not only was it Independence Day, it was also election day and Humala Ollanta was selected as the new President after an election period ripe with controversy.  We saw little evidence of either event on our way from the airport to the retreat house last night but I’m sure today will be different.

Today, we visit the sites of on volunteer placements. Come Monday, our group will be spending our days doing the following: building a retaining wall to reinforce the site of a future school, teaching new effective teaching methods to primary and secondary school teachers, teaching English to a group of adults who want to improve their skills and teaching students from Cristo Rey School in Chorrillos.

Hoping for some sunshine today in Peru!


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